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Mature content
SoC:Rape :iconmikeslover1990:mikeslover1990 0 4
Mature content
SoC:Sex and Rape :iconmikeslover1990:mikeslover1990 1 3
Years I have felt nothing for you but hate
Cold and icy in my chest at the mention of your name
And now all I feel is pity and sorrow for your life
You had so much chance and life
A love and a family that would have made you happy
But you couldn’t let go of the flesh
Just as you cannot now, poor woman
Now I am sorry I couldn’t see it sooner
I shouldn’t hate you, I should pray for you
Then again, perhaps I should thank you
I was able to love my sisters and my brother
In a way I would not have been able to otherwise
You abandoned us all to your own troubles
And I got to show them how to love
And yet you still managed to mess with it
My, you make a mess with real love
Twisting into something ugly
Forcing me to be mom
But I forgive you for the pain you caused me
What else can I do but forgive you
But what you have done
What you did to my sisters
What you did to my brother
I will not get over so fast
You hit me countless times
I remember seeing blood once
You blamed me for a
:iconmikeslover1990:mikeslover1990 0 3
Friend no more, we barely speak
I don’t understand these feelings
I want nothing more to do with you
Yet when I see you in your beauty
Your hair straight and loose and dark
I sometimes wish I was still your friend
You hurt me my whole life
Destroyed my self esteem
Killed most of my precious dreams of life
You tainted my relationship with hate
You poisoned it with jealousy
Your anger at my choices left a bitter taste
And it still stings my tongue to this day
He’s mine and I his yet you judge me still
What I do with my body and his
Well that is between me, him, and God
You may have been my friend but that,
That does not give you the freedom to judge me
You should know that, holier-than-thou sister
Yes, your mannerisms and parts of you
They helped shape me and helped me stay strong
That’s why I can stay strong through this
You managed to not speak to me for weeks
When it was my choice to love his body with mine
But I shall be stronger and speak to you
Only when you speak to
:iconmikeslover1990:mikeslover1990 1 0
Mature content
Seaside Lovers :iconmikeslover1990:mikeslover1990 1 0
Freezing in my blood and torturing the skin
You are here, you are there
Trying to poison my thoughts with you
Don’t you know you’re already there?
That you are always there, hiding there
Sneaking into my daily thoughts
Or just sitting there in the back of my mind
It does not matter how or where
It simply is what it is and I cannot breath
You torture my soul, my very heart
I feel the pain and the agony
And I should be screaming for it to end
But the mere thought of ending it
Of finishing this agony and torture
Makes me scream louder with distain
I will never let you out of my blood
Let you leave my thoughts
I let you stay, allow you to remain
Because, no matter what I say
I am selfish and am here for me
You may need me and want me
Desire, burn, lust, love me
But I am here because I want to be
Because I love the agony
And I burn for the torture
Of you in my blood, freezing for a moment
Crawling on, under, over my skin
You are my very breath sometimes
But I know I cannot tell yo
:iconmikeslover1990:mikeslover1990 0 0
Half-Blooded Draenei by mikeslover1990 Half-Blooded Draenei :iconmikeslover1990:mikeslover1990 0 0 Look up from Darkness by mikeslover1990 Look up from Darkness :iconmikeslover1990:mikeslover1990 0 0 Ice Beauty by mikeslover1990 Ice Beauty :iconmikeslover1990:mikeslover1990 0 0
You are like...
Your love is a razorblade on my heart
Cutting me until I’m bleeding dry
Your kiss is like a poison so addicting
I drink it until I die
Your embrace is like a forbidden treasure
Always adding danger to the lust
Your touch is like fire on my skin
And I let it burn inside me, I must
What else can I do?
What else can I allow?
You think I should let this go?
I would instantly, just tell me how!
Your voice suits you well
Deep and seductively sweet
I feel shy and nervous
It’s like that every time we meet
You are like this addiction
One from which none can free me
Would that I could make you feel this
Then maybe you would truly see
I’m drowning in this torture
I suffocating in this need
Can’t you see I’m blinded?
I’d follow where you lead
You are like this thing
This thing I shouldn’t name
I never realize how true this was
Love is like a game
:iconmikeslover1990:mikeslover1990 0 0
I don't
I’m angry
That is the only way I can say it
I am angry and hurt and in love
Madly and utterly
But do you care? No
But I don’t want you to care
I don’t want you to come near me
I don’t want you to kiss me
I don’t want you to wrap your arms
Around my smaller frame
And hold me close, keep me safe
I don’t want you to love me
I don’t want you to feel me
I don’t want you to need me
Because then where will we be?
I don’t want you to want me
I don’t want to love you
I don’t want to feel for you
Well I was never very good
At lying
:iconmikeslover1990:mikeslover1990 0 0
I am
I’m not in love
It’s just my mind
It’s just my body’s needs
I can’t love him
Just because he’s in my mind
That doesn’t mean anything
Just because my heart hurts
Just because I don’t know
Where it went
It doesn’t mean I’m in love
Maybe he has it
No! That can’t be
I won’t let it be
If he has my heart…
No I won’t say it
My heart is gone
I never had one
No, I did, I remember
It still hurts where he cut it out
Or was that someone else
No matter, it’s gone now
It’s not mine anymore
Wait, does that mean…no!
I’m not going there
I’ve been there before
The love died
The love was gone
I don’t want to lose that
I don’t want to stop caring
I don’t think I could handle it
Oh, I know the truth of it though
I know the fact of the matter
Things will never be the same
Or perhaps they were always this way
It does not matter anymore
I won’t say it, no! I’m not
I can’t, I won’t,
:iconmikeslover1990:mikeslover1990 0 0
Mature content
Show Me :iconmikeslover1990:mikeslover1990 0 0
I’m used and abused
This is beyond not fair
This is ludicrous and insane
I’m angry and violent
I could hurt myself
I could hurt you
Bleed, blood, bled it all
Die, death, dead inside
Freaking out of time
I’m tired of this abuse
Misuse, anger, pain
Nothing makes it stop
Nothing, I want to bleed
Let me cut my arm till I bleed
Let me just die and be done
I’m here to be abused
I'm here to be used
No one knows this pain
No one understands this torture
I am so angry and violent
And I’m a hazard to the world
And I’m a hazard to myself
I am dangerous
I am deadly
Let me show you what I mean
Cut my wrist with a butcher knife
Kill me, come on now lover
You know how it is
The cold barrel of the gun
The sharp end of the blade
The sweet taste of poison
The smooth feel of pills
The pressure of the rope
The crush of the water
Is it so easy to forget?
No it’s not easy
I’m just so invisible and I try
Try so hard to be everyone’s helper
I go out of my way to
:iconmikeslover1990:mikeslover1990 0 5
After the Rain
The sky darkens from blue to black grey
The thunder begins its calling
The lightening flashes and flickers
Then begins the downpour
I don’t rightly care for propriety
Nor do I care for sensibility
I run into the rain’s cry
Laughing in the downpour of water
I’m suddenly soaked to skin
Instantaneously soaked through my clothes
And then I stop and close my eyes
I can feel every drop of rain on me
Like a pinprick of wet pleasure
Pleasure, I shudder at the word
I hurt because of that word
The rain hits my upturned face
Caressing my lips like a kiss
A cold kiss, a wet kiss
So different from you
A kiss you gave me
A kiss so warm, a kiss so true
Yet I cannot be with you
Now I remember you, you return my thoughts
This interlude in my torture is over
For the rain offered peace from thought
But the very serenity and sensuality
That called me to allow the caress
Reminded me of the very reason I need serenity
For what happens after the rain
What happens after the fantasy ends
:iconmikeslover1990:mikeslover1990 0 0
Love Written on her Arm
Her love for you
A love so magically pure
A love so dangerously innocent
A love so hidden and demur
Your love for her
A love so darkly delightful
A love so safely sinful
A love so open and slightly spiteful
You tease her with a kiss
She shudders underneath your lips
She can’t see this going far
Yet you make her heart do flips
She responds so swiftly and open
Your hand on her waist, belonging near
Her shuddered sigh against your chest
She is yours to draw close, that is her fear
You confuse her mind, her soul
She doesn’t understand this love
She cries tears of broken heart
Her sobs as soft as a dove
She has avoided blood writing
She can’t bring herself to write
Yet your name comes closer
She begins to give up the fight
You are her heart and soul
Yet she cannot have you
So she writes your name
Thinking to prove her love is true
Her love is dangerously innocent
Your love will cause her great harm
Shattered heart she is trying to fix
With Love written on her arm
:iconmikeslover1990:mikeslover1990 0 0

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Artist | Literature
United States
Favourite genre of music: a little bit of everything
Favourite photographer: me!!
Favourite style of art: none bc i love a forms of art and cant choose a single style
MP3 player of choice: ipod nano
Favourite cartoon character: Jasmine
Personal Quote: I don't love just anyone...but when I do love I love with my entire heart
what can i say? it didn't work out w/my ex and we're seperated now. i'm happy for the seperation. if you read some of my poetry you'll understand why.  the simple fact is i stopped loving him. the why isn't important i just didn't love him anymore and thats all there was i couldn't tell him why. that'd break his heart.  its one or the other for me.  i love you or i don't.  theres no middle ground.  i can love you romantically or as a friend but i cant almost love you romantically or almost think of you as a friend.  so thats how it works and thats how it is.  what else is there to say?
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